Spinner Ring Tutorial
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Learn how to make this great looking spinner ring. Spinner rings have also been called worry rings and fidget rings. They are comfortable despite the wide band and look great. Spinners are made with at least two parts, but can have more outer rings if desired. The wide band acts as a holder for 1+ moving bands (spinners) that are held in place by flaring the edges of the wide band.

This tutorial gives in depth directions on how to create all necessary parts of the ring. You will learn about sizing the band so it fits just right. Various texturing options are discussed as well as a great troubleshooting section to help when things go awry.

The tutorial shows how to create the ring in copper using silver solder. The topic of covering the seam by copper plating is also covered and shown. As with all my tutorials and instructions, this tutorial is full of in depth directions and handy little tips and tricks that you normally only get when taking one of my classes.

***Please note, this is an intermediate tutorial. It assumes a basic knowledge of how to solder.***

Please consider watching my free introductory video on how to solder a ring before attempting this project.

This tutorial is 23 pages with 70 high quality photos showing each step of the process.

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Spinner Ring Tutorial

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